Insurance Claim Specialist

Jimco Roofing has established great relationships with all the major insurance companies. Thus Jimco Roofing can be your liaison in helping you file and receive your claim money in a timely manner.

Insurance Checklist

Jimco Roofing provides this insurance checklist as a way to secure your property and financial stability whether you are going through a routine roof replacement or a disaster replacement. Call Jimco Roofing and let our insurance specialists assist you.

Secure your property:
Temporary repairs are also covered by insurance to protect your property from further loss or damage. Confirm this with your agent.

Call your insurance agent:
Report the possible loss; let the professionals determine the extent of the damage.

Select your contractor:
Protect your best interest by choosing a contractor familiar with the insurance claim process, as soon as possible. (If there are any discrepancies you will be represented professionally.)

Adjuster meeting:
To insure the scope includes all damages, and your needs are met, at a "price agreeable" to the insurance company and your contractor, they should meet or discuss their differences.

Call your mortgage company:
Advise them of your claim and inquire about their procedures for draft endorsement and contractor's affidavits, lien releases, etc. Be proactive! Otherwise, they will hold your money as long as possible.

Send check to mortgage company:
Call your mortgage company and get procedural instructions. Do not endorse the check send the check to your mortgage company and request their endorsement, first. (This will help speed things up.)

Review and schedule project:
After you and your contractor have agreed on the scope and terms of the claim, you can then schedule the work.

Accept material delivery:
Verify the material and color with your contractor.

Inspect your project:
Once the job is completed and your are 100% satisfied with the work, you should expect to pay at least your first proceeds, plus your deductible or pay the full amount.

File betterment claim:
Upon receipt of the invoice,showing that the job is complete and you have spent the first proceeds, you can file for the depreciation amount. Your contractor can assist.

Final payment:
Before issuing the final payment be sure you have all of your warranty papers and waiver of lien affidavits if needed. (This will limit your liabilities and keep you in control).

Secure all documents:
Keep all documentation in a safe place and treat it as you would any warranty information. Enjoy your newly restored home and peace of mind.