Our Checklist:

1. Provide firm price in writing.
2. No money upfront.
3. Protect lawn and shrubs.
4. Use only nails; no staples.
5. Supply on-site company supervision.
6. Quality control inspectors during roof installation.
7. Inspect wooden decking.
8. New 30 # Felt.
9. Close all valleys with Metal or Stormguard.

10. Match ridge with shingle color.
11. Replace rusted roof stacks.
12. Paint roof stacks (if desired).
13. Place old shingles directly into truck.
14. Remove trash and clean up.
15. Roll yard with magnetic roller for fallen nails.
16. Clean gutters when finished. 17. Double all eaves (double shingle).
18. Present you with a written warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are in need of a new roof and your mind is full of questions. You are seeking estimates from various roofing contractors with various pricing. So what are the questions you should be asking?

- How can I know the fair market price of a new roof?

- Will they install to my satisfaction and show care to my home and neighbors?

- Will my roof be installed on my schedule or will I be put on a waiting list?

- Do I have all the facts concerning warranties?

- Which company can I trust to use quality materials and work within my insurance allowance?

- What are my options on the type roof my insurance company will pay for?

- How can I collect the full replacement cost of my present roof?

- Does the roofing company have a referral list available and have they been installing roofs for over 30 years like Jimco Roofing?

- How is this roofing company rated with the Better Business Bureau?

- Are they TEXAS Certified with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas?

- Do they have General Liability Insurance Coverage?

The Answer.

Jimco Roofing’s representatives will answer these important questions. Jimco Roofing has always been dedicated to quality service. This is why many of our customers are from referrals. We believe that word of mouth is the best advertising there is. Let Jimco Roofing provide you with an accurate cost estimate of your roof replacement.