Asphalt Roofing Shingles

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Asphalt shingles are the most common and durable type of shingle you will typically see on a home. Most homes that you drive by, or look at, will have asphalt shingles on top of them.
These types of shingles present many economic advantages to your home because they are incredibly durable while still very affordable for anyone to use.
If you are doing any type of roofing work that is budget conscience, this would be the product to trust and use, and your roofing company will more than likely recommend using these types of shingles because they will have the interest of your home in mind.

Most people might not immediately think that these very common roof coverings are really made from asphalt. The way that they are made is that asphalt is placed on type of a fiberglass sheet, which explains why a shingle is rough on the top, and smooth on the bottom.
An advantage of using a fiberglass type backing is that it is very durable and long lasting, but also flexible at the same type.

Shingles are supposed to flex depending on the weather so that they are resistant to cracking and falling apart. The typical life of a shingle, depending on how severe your local weather acts, is up to 20 years.

Even though shingles have the capability of lasting up to 20 years, or even up to 40 years, usually this is not the case.
Hard rain and win usually reduce the life of the shingles on your roof, but this is typically is a very long process of wear.
You can really expect your roof to be completely fine for at least ten years, and depending on the roofing company, very nice warranty and guarantee plans are available. These plans will include conveniences and services such as replacing shingles that fall off, or ones that no longer are working correctly.

Another major benefit of asphalt roofing shingles is that they come in many different colors. The reason for this is so that you can have them match and compliment the overall scheme of the exterior of your home.
You wouldn’t want to have your house painted a color and then be stuck with shingles that do not compliment this painting scheme.
You can also have this type of shingle made to resemble certain metals, or have them mimic being a wooden roof. The possibilities are really endless overall when it comes to this very durable and trusted option of roof covering.