Metal Roofing- Designed To Last a Lifetime

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Metal Roofing- Designed To Last a Lifetime

Replacing a roof is costly and fraught with problems. Every building/home owner prefers a roofing system that has the longest interval between re-roofings. A metal roofing system has the longest lifespan among all roofing systems available today, although the initial installation cost can be a limiting factor. Metal roofs have been in existence since a long time and are now available in an extensive variety of beautiful designs and colors. Advancement in technology has enabled metal roofs to be the best choice among all types, suitable for residential and commercial/industrial buildings as well. They can be designed to suit all types of architecture and complement many buildings that incorporate some of the most complex architectural designs.

Metal roofing products are made to resemble traditional roofing products like wood shakes shingles, asphalt shingles etc. They are very durable and can withstand all type of weather conditions like heavy snow, wind driven rains, hurricane force winds, hail and extreme heat. The metals used in the manufacture of metal roofs are tin, steel, aluminum and copper. roofing products made from these metals are warp, split and rot resistant. They do not gather mold as traditional asphalt tile roofs do. Properly installed metal roofs are highly resistant to wind damage. For roof surfaces at very steep angles, these roofing products can be used to create a vertical siding that can appear very attractive, when color coordinated with the rest of the roofing.

All metal roofing products whether made from steel, aluminum or copper usually last as long as the building, when they are installed. Someone intending to stay in the house for a short while only may not be able to realize the savings in costs that would accrue substantially, otherwise over the long years. However, for someone staying in the house for a long time, installing a metal roof will prove to be a sound investment.

Metal roofs come with a reflective coating for protection from UV rays. It also reflects heat from sunlight to make the house energy efficient. A substantial saving in electrical bills is possible, when a metal roof is installed in a building. On the other hand in winter, when there is snowfall, the exposed surface of a metal roof will heat up quickly to melt accumulated snow, keeping the roof clear. However, the drumming noise of rain or hail beating on a metal roof can be unnerving during a heavy downpour or a hailstorm. It is possible to reduce this problem by using one of the various insulating products available in the market.

Metal roofs are given a class A fire rating due to their excellent fire resistant properties. However, since it is possible to install metal roofs without removing the previous roofing, many people install them over existing asphalt or other type of roofs. In such a case, if the earlier roof is of combustible material, it could burn to generate enough heat to melt the metal roofing on top.

Metal roofing products come in a variety of appealing colors, shades and textures to complement the color scheme and design of any building including industrial sheds and warehouses. Technological innovations have made these products retain their original look and color, even after decades of use.