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Jimco Roofing stays experienced and knowledgeable in the latest technologies concerning all facets of your roof. As themed "Your satisfaction is our success."

"Gutters, Skylights, Residential Roofs and Commercial Roofs are what we do."

Jimco Roofing is equipped to handle all needs from new construction to re-roofs and repairs on commercial and residential. The material suppliers we use are top rated for a solid and secure result. Keep in mind that your roof is the crown of your home or business protecting you, your family and life assets.

Take a minute to view our “Consumer Tips” information so to help you be informed when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. After reading remember that Jimco Roofing proudly and works hard in retaining an “A +” rating with your local Better Business Bureau.

What to Expect during your roofing project?

1. You will be assigned a "Project Manager." The Project Manager will oversee your project to make sure that we perform the job to your expectations.

2. The roof materials you have selected will be delivered a few days before the start of the project. The roof materials in most cases will be stacked where you specify.

3. Shrubbery and flower gardens close to the roofing project will be covered.

4. Any heavy objects on the walls or hanging from the ceilings may need to be set on the floor during the roof job.

5. We recommend that you cover any objects stored in the attic or garage that may be damaged from dust or dirt.

6. Pets we will need them to be inside or away from the roofing project so that they are not in danger of falling debris or potential hazardous items or situations.

7. If you roof is a tear off, we only tear off what we can roof that day.

8. We use only nails to install shingles; never staples.

9. We replace roof stacks where needed and paint with anti-rust paint to match the roof.

10. Most homes today have 3/8 inch plywood on the roof; this makes for a soft deck. We may have to replace some plywood on your roof, but we only replace rotted or delaminated wood.

11. Most residential roofs we work on take one day to complete.

12. All jobs are bid to be done with access being from the driveway. We will have a delivery truck and a dump trailer on your drive. If this is not acceptable please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements.

13. Your project manager will arrange to meet with you to give you your lien waiver and warranty papers. He can also arrange to have an invoice with him so you may take care of the balance.

14. If you are having a new roof installed over the existing one, the new roof will follow the contour of the old roof. If you are having your roof torn off, the new roof will follow the contour of the plywood decking. We are not responsible for uneven rafters or structural issues.
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